a white Papil, an enemy from Xenoblade X. It looks kind of like a pointy, intricate butterfly.


a white Progen, an enemy from Xenoblade X. It looks like a scaly unicorn rearing up on its back hooves.
A man on a stool who is fishing, sloppily edited so that he is Malos from Xenoblade 2. Text above him says: an easy cure for the tedium of being.

hiii this is a work in progress bc idk much abt website-crafting

welcome to my site! i'm viivi and i like xenoblade. this is a personal site off of which I make zero money, no copyright infringement intended, & also I cuss a lot. disclaimer over. i try to keep this site functional on mobile too but some pages may be a bit wonky.


play xenoblade
my archived xc3 rest spot chats.
i made a little minecraft photo album.
a shrine i made for astral chain. background is a gif.
a shrine for Mythra, which contains gifs.
me talking about comics i've read.

Link to me: button to my site, it is green with mythra on it

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