"Not what you expected? I'm cute as hell, so who cares?"

Mythra: an introduction

Mythra is a main character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017). She appears a few chapters into the game as a powerful ally to the game's protagonist, as a uniquely powerful Blade - the Aegis - wielding the rare and powerful element of Light (among other powers, like foresight). She is an Attacker and her weapon is a greatsword.

At first coming off as rude and short-tempered, Mythra nevertheless cares deeply and is incredibly precise when using her awesome power. She is confident, even arrogant, but Mythra also carries a lot of deep fears about herself and what she is capable of (spoilers!), but she is always ready with a scathing quip in conversation.

why she is so so special (to me)

-so the main thing is she's kind of a shithead teenager and i love her so so so much

-that she fucks up is also super important to me. and like, not any "oh i was kinda mean to this guy and then he became a villian blaha" NO like serious serious mistakes made with her own hands. and additionally she also fucks up in really unimportant trivial ways too. gotta love a struggler. especially a super over-powered struggler

-also one of her Field Skills is Girls' Talk which you unlock at level 5 of her chart in Torna and then you’ve got it in basegame… I love that so much. Wlw queen.

-actually I even think her name is neat. Hikari in japanese (light) which is so… named herself indeed. Symbolism too! And then mythra is a really neat translation of that with Mithra who's a deity of light and oaths (and a bunch of other stuff).

-speaking of light. Light element is so cool. It's really rare in-game (well the DLC stuff made it less so but like, canonically) and it's all themed around like, nuclear meltdowns and stuff like that. Light that sears and destroys.

-thematically/aesthetically, she's also got going on this combination of the divine and the mechanical/digital. Xeno loves that kinda stuff and so do i

she’s in SMASH!! fuck yes 1000% deserved. No I don’t play smash I’m just smug

Her character arc(s)

i'm just gonna ramble a bit. put thoughts down.


Oh TTGC is so crazy. Okay, so Mythra's just been awakened - because Malos is on the rampage, and just...

Imagine you’ve just been born, and everyone’s telling you you’re basically a god/angel & also you have to kill the only other god/angel in the world bc otherwise he’s going to destroy the entire world, and also everyone nitpicks everything about you from your speech to your cooking to your manners and you want SO badly to be good, you want to make them proud, but-

and then you never get there and in fact you manage to blow up the entire country. god that fucking cutscene where milton is dead and mythra's horrified, trying to reach out for him and mikhail pulls him away like you did this, this was your fault. fuck

never even had the chance to enjoy the world like a normal person, as she then creates pyra and seals herself away at the bottom of the cloud sea for 500 years. saw someone speculate once that if it were possible for an aegis to kill herself she would've, but that they've probably got something in their code(?) to prevent it, so next best thing she could do was create pyra

which is such an insanely rough deal for pyra. god. babygirl. i'm so sorry

but also can you blame mythra? can you?

which reminds me of that play cole's putting on in fonsa myma. about the aegis. depicted as some kind of angel saving them all and then dying heroically. and pyra's complete non-reaction to it... man

and it all sucks, it all fucking sucks so bad. the entire world they're in is shitty. but we're gonna get them something to care about anyway!! they're gonna gain a will to live!!!!

Late game

I have so much to say about her and other people related to her, always, but if you haven't played xc2 and is still here I'm not going to spoil you so...


trinity processor section. yay family photograph

so, Xenoblade being Xenoblade and Mythra being part of the trinity processor she's super important and even in games she isn't in people will bring her up anyway 💚 but yeah I wish we got to see them interact more. they made the artifices together!

Siren; I’m always into pretty mecha and Siren is so so pretty indeed. Mythra’s pet orbital laser

💚favorite items💚

pouch item types:
specific items:
Cloud Sea Crab Sticks
Final Chorus (artwork)


pouch item types:
specific items:
Miracle Parfait
Bunnit-Stuffed Peppers

The Mythra amiibo. Mythra is a woman with long blond hair in a white dress and black leggings. She is posing on one foot with her dress and hair flaring out like she's just landed from a jump, holding out one hand with her sword clutched in the other.


you can't talk about mythra without mentioning pyra! mythra's counterpart/sister/idealized version/?/etc

Pyra is of course another main character of Xenoblade 2, wielding the Fire element. She's polite and nice, in contrast to Mythra, and keeps her feelings bottled up tight. Still, it's obvious she's carrying a lot of sorrow with her...

spoilers She was born already carrying enormous guilt and grief of what happened to Torna. Born to be a 'better' version of Mythra - nice, harmless, polite.
So everyone likes her more than Mythra at first - since Mythra's abrasive - and she's so helpful and pleasant etc. To a fault. She tries to sacrifice herself several times and she's always trying to hide just how terrible she feels.
And she never wants to worry her friends! She's trying so hard to save everyone! She's doing just fine! Smiling!! Don't worry about it!!! Her friends are so precious to her - literally her most precious memories as Malos literally tries to erase them - and eventually they convince her that life is worth living.