Welcome to my catalogue of chats from xc3!

I'm going to, to the best of my ability, archive rest spot dialogues from xc3 here. This collection will probably be pretty spotty BUT I really want to have some archive like this to reference and idk if something like that exists elsewhere. I'm taking the photos myself from my own playthrough for now so that's why the quality is questionable. Either way, enjoy!

If you spot any errors/typos in my transcriptions or the descriptions about where the info comes from, or have anything else to comment on, you can use the chatbox back on my main index page

Herbal Tea

the info for this chat comes from talking to Graziana in Colony Tau


NOAH: Hey Taion, I've heard you make herbal tea sometimes, is that true?

TAION: Hm? Ah, yes, it's something of a hobby. Would you like a cup as well?

LANZ: You puttin' the brew on, Taion? Sweet! I'll have a cuppa Sirius Anemone, thanks.

TAION: I doubt you would be able to appreciate the subtle flavors.

TAION: Why don't I make you a Mallow-o'-the-Marsh, you can drink that instead.

LANZ: Mallow-o'-the... Wait, isn't that a mushroom?!

TAION: You drink it to get stronger. Appreciate it, will you?

LANZ: Ohh, you should have said! All right then, I'll have ten cups of your finest fungus water. Cheers!

The Textbook

the info for this chat is from eavesdropping on some soldiers in Colony 9 talking about the instructions for farming from the textbook


EUNIE: Oi, Taion. You've been keepin' up with your Agnus textbook reading, right?

EUNIE: Isn't that a bit pointless now? I mean, since we're all on the same side and all that...

TAION: ...Here's the thing. Before we became Ouroboros, I believed implicitly that every word in there was correct and accurate.

TAION: That if I practiced what it taught, all would turn out to the benefit of my colony and my Queen.

TAION: But now? Now I know, as do we all, that it was no more than a Moebius deception.

EUNIE: Right, so why waste any more time on it?

TAION: Because if you think about it, the textbooks contain information advantageous to the Moebius. Do you see what I'm saying?

TAION: If I can reverse-engineer and analyze this "advantageous information", I can find out about their real goals and intentions.

EUNIE: ...Whoa! So you're reading them to, like, learn more about your enemy!

TAION: Information forms the basis of strategy. ...That's elementary tactician know-how.

TAION: But it's also not like everything in there is backwards nonsense, either. Consider the case of Colony 9's fields, for instance.

EUNIE: So we can't blindly trust what we read, we have to sort through the information and make our own minds up?

TAION: I'm glad you're so quick on the uptake.

Fog and Annihilation

the info sparking this convo is from listening to Nopon at the Lake Rezzento campsite


EUNIE: Hey, so you know how there was all that black fog in Bennel Cave?


EUNIE: That was, uh... That was pretty bad, right?

TAION: I only have the information I gained in the survey branch, but it's thought that the fog usually presages an annihilation event.

TAION: We escaped unscathed this time, but there was a very real chance we could have been caught in it.

LANZ: Spark me...

TAION: Irritatingly, just noticing the fog won't be enough to forewarn us of the event's occurence.

EUNIE: Huh, so it's not that quick, then...? Is this gonna be a problem?

TAION: Well, it could happen anywhere between a few minutes to several years from the time of observation.

TAION: There's no direct correlation between spotting the black fog and the timing of the event.

EUNIE: Urghh... Well that's just great news, innit...

NOAH: Best not to get anywhere near it, then.

TAION: That's about the extent of it. Not that anyone's exactly been diving into it with glee, anyway.

Fortifying Food

the info for this one comes from eavesdropping near the canteen in Colony 11


LANZ: Mate, I'm sooo jealous! These Colony 11 mudders get to eat meat for three meals a day...

SENA: Bet that's why they're so strong, too. Meat! It's almost like magic!

LANZ: Oi, Manana... Could we shift to a meat-first diet as well, eh? Whaddya say?

MANANA: Nopington nopes, from Colony Nope! Friends have to eat their veggies also.

MANANA: Also, if eat Mallow-o'-the-Marsh or Glare Aubergine, it promote muscle growth same or even better than meat!

SENA: Even though they're veggies?

MANANA: Friends should not look down on veg! Proper nutrition is like handstand pushup, most important is balance!

MANANA: In additionality, if include Chewy Radish or Purple Pepper in meal plan, effects grow ex-po-nen-tia-lly!

LANZ: Whoa... That's good to know, Manana. Then let's have us a bit of that!

MANANA: However, that diet improve circulation so much that also come with elevated risk of nosebleed. Friends still want despite?

SENA: Uhm, that's... maybe a bit extreme...

LANZ: Yeah, what... What was it you were saying about balance, before...?

Free Nopon

the info for this one comes from eavesdropping in Colony 30


EUNIE: The Nopon in Colony 30 sure seem to do whatever they please, huh.

EUNIE: Taking five after working five, snoozing mid-shift, or just plain wandering off...

LANZ: They could just give 'em dog tags, same as us, manage their time that way?

TAION: That would certainly have its benefits. You could monitor their comings and goings with much more accuracy.

RIKU: Friends must be joking! That would evaporate all motivation, like dew from Levnis on warm morning!

MANANA: That right! Nopon are free creatures, not slaves to core working hours and quotas and tracking lunch breaks!

LANZ: Oi, easy now, easy I say... No need to get ticked off, it was all just hypothetical...

EUNIE: At least the Nopon of Colony 9 all seemed to be pretty serious about stuff.

SENA: Same for Colony Gamma, our guys and gals took their work more seriously than those in Colony 30...

NOAH: ...Think it's Valdi's fault, then?

MIO: Hmm... May well be...


the info starting this convo is from listening to Nopon at Tsang campsite


SENA: Snow's so pretty... I love it so much!

EUNIE: Yeah...no. It's cold, and it can freeze your arse off... Give me a sunny beach any day.

MIO: Really? I much prefer it to the heat, myself.

EUNIE: Yeah, 'cause you hate nice things, innit. Remember when you were all, "augh, it's so hooot, I'm gonna melt into a pancake"?

MIO: I said no such thing!

EUNIE: Oh yeah? I distinctly remember it! "No moooree... Someone kill me nooow...!"

MIO: I did not!

SENA: Uhm... Oh, that's right, now I remember. When you're feeling cold, you have to try and move your body!

EUNIE: Nope, uh-uh, no way. I've already gone on the defensive. Gonna stay bundled up, thanks.

SENA: C'mon, just shout yourself warm!

EUNIE: Yeah right, and I suppose Mio coulda just yelled herself cool, huh?

MIO: I just struggle with the heat, all right?!

EUNIE: Honesty's a virtue, love.

MIO:...I'll never hear the end of this, will I?

LANZ: Uh, Noah? What's this all about?

NOAH:...Beats me.

A Mysterious Assailant

Gray mandatory for this one, info starting this convo comes from Tableland Ferronis Hulk campsite


NOAH: The Nopon Caravan said it was attacked by a mysterious soldier, didn't it?

EUNIE: A mysterious soldier... Sounds well spooky.

GRAY: That was me.

EUNIE: You?! Queen's baubles, so our mystery guy was here all along!!!

GRAY: They saw me. I intended to erase the evidence...

EUNIE: Now I think about it, when you met us for the first time, you attacked us too!

GRAY: Obviously.

SENA: Is it obvious...? I'm not sure it is...

GRAY: I'm a shadow. The shadow of my friend, and of his daughter. I don't like being seen by others.

MIO: B-but... But you didn't end up wiping out the caravan, did you?

GRAY: A little light intimidation was enough to shut them up, so I let it go. If they become a nuisance, I will erase them.

EUNIE: Dude, you really need to mellow out...

NOAH: At any rate, the Nopon Caravan means you no harm, so I'm sure it won't come to that.

GRAY: Let's hope.

EUNIE: Huh, I just realized. You got rumbled by a bunch of Nopon, eh? Wow, you must've been real clumsy out there!


EUNIE: Whoa, easy there, Feris! Put away the weapons, we're all friends here!

SENA: He's a real short fuse to boot...

MIO: It must be a touchy subject...


I can't remember what info prompts this but I'd guess this is right after the thing with Colony 4 goes down


LANZ: Looks like wrecking a Flame Clock isn't enough to make everyone be like us.

NOAH: Yeah...

NOAH: They don't have to worry about the clock, but everything apart from that stays the same.

EUNIE: Guess it's just us that can Interlink, change Blades and so on...?

LANZ: Bit of a shame though, innit? The trick with using other Blades is pretty sparkin' useful.

NOAH: Lanz, have you got comfortable with using Sena's Blade yet?

LANZ: Yeah, more or less.

LANZ: I'll tell you this though, bashing enemies around with that thing is a real bloody kick.

LANZ: Oh, hey, here's a thought. Why don't we all try using Sena's Blade at once?

LANZ: Offense is the best defense, right? We'd be done in no time!

TAION: Done and dusted as husks on the ground, yes.

LANZ: Whaddya mean?!

TAION: Attackers like Sena can only focus on the offense when they've got a Defender to cover them.

TAION: You have to maintain a balance in team composition. Going all-in on any one role would only risk total defeat.

LANZ: Bah... Yeah, no, I'm sorry, you're right. It's exactly as you say.

LANZ: Here's what we do then. Taion, you do the Defender thing, and everyone else grabs Sena's Blade. Better, yeah?

TAION: Were you even listening to me...? Or does the word "balance" have too many syllables for you?!


Triton required for this one, the info starting this comes from eavesdropping in Fort O'Virbus


EUNIE: So, I've been thinking... The soldiers at Fort O'Virbus and Keves Castle, they got to see Consuls all the time, right?

EUNIE: Out of all those people, did not a single one of them get suspicious about what's under those masks?

TAION: They simply trusted them... Or perhaps, the concept of distrust didn't ever take root inside them.

TAION: From the moment of birth, it's how they were conditioned. ...Same as us, really.

TRITON: Ahhh, so even yer four-eyed man here was young once, eh...?

TAION: Funny. Really funny. ...No, hang on, I meant the opposite of that.

TRITON: Gwahahahaha!

LANZ: I'm kinda used to seeing Triton's naked face, now...

TRITON: Heheh... Classy and understated, no?

SENA: ...What do those words mean?

TRITON: Oops, my bad. Ye lasses and lads are too young to understand, I reckon. You'll get it in fifty years, want to or not! Hahahaha!

EUNIE: I don't think I'll ever understand Moebius, even if I lived to a hundred...

Yzana Plains Monsters

the info for this comes from eavesdropping in Colony 9


NOAH: Back when we were in Colony 9, those Bunnits sure made our lives pretty miserable...

SENA: What? Why? They're such little cutie-wooties!

LANZ: "Cutie-wooties"? Even the ones holding giant weapons in their tails? Even those, I ask?

SENA: Urk... Yeah, OK, those are scary...

NOAH: We've once had to push through whole bevies of them to get back the colony from Yzana Plains.

EUNIE: Oh yeah, I remember that... Not gonna lie, I don't miss it.

LANZ: Am I remembering right that it started 'cause Fox tried starting a fight with their Bunnit leader, or something?

MIO: Oh, like they came for revenge?

TAION: Bunnits do tend toward collective behavior. Moreover, the ones holding weapons are known to be aggressive.

LANZ: When a hundred or more of the snuffers come at you at once, it ain't fun. And it's not like their meat is any good, either...

SENA: So when fighting Bunnits, keep an eye on their numbers... Noted. Good talk, guys!

Trusting Teach

the info for this comes from eavesdropping in Colony Gamma


NOAH: Taion, you used to belong to Colony Lambda originally, right?

TAION: Yes. I was reassigned to Gamma.

TAION: You all know the story by now... I'd lost my way, but Commander Teach personally welcomed me in.

EUNIE: Old Teach did? Huh!

TAION: Under normal circumstances, you have to indicate a clear reason for transferring... But he didn't ask me a thing.

TAION: Thinking back to it now, I suppose Commander Isurd must have put in a word for me.

MIO: Sena and I came to Gamma at just about the same time. Then we got put in the same unit.

LANZ: Phewww... So you guys've been together all the way since then?

TAION: Yes... Isn't it strange? If tragedy hadn't struck in the way it did, I never would've met Mio and Sena.

TAION: ...Nor you guys.

NOAH: Are you saying that everything happened for a reason...?

TAION: ...I don't know if I'd go that far. But certainly, that outlook would make it easier to stay optimistic as we go on.


the info for this comes from Fort O'Virbus


NOAH: First it was Agnus, and now we've managed to destroy Keves Castle's Flame Clock too.

EUNIE: Slow and steady progress, innit! ...Sounds weird coming from me, I know.

SENA: There's all different sides to the power of Ouroboros!

TAION: That's true enough. And yet, there ought to have been many in the past who became Ouroboros and fought Moebius.

MIO: You mean, we only did it because we're us?

TAION: Yes. I sincerely think so.

TAION: At first I felt uncertain about it, but now I can state it with confidence.

TAION: It's thanks to all of us that we made it this far. I'm truly grateful to have had the experience of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you all.

MIO: ...

EUNIE: ...

SENA: ...

TAION: ...Is anyone going to say something?

(MIO: Nothing really comes to mind...)

(EUNIE: I didn't expect that kind of speech from *him* of all people...)

(SENA: I feel a bit embarrassed now... Is my face burning? So awkward...!)

NOAH: Taion, I'd like to return your sentiment. You saved my skin many times over, and I don't think I can ever thank you enough.

(SENA: Now there's a good follow-up!)

TAION: I-I see... When you put it so bluntly, it makes one feel a little put on the spot...

(MIO: But, Taion...)

(EUNIE: You're the one who started it, you muppet!)


info from overhearing Nopon talking about eyepatches at Inlet Camp


SENA: Blehhh... I know these eyepatches are necessary, but they really mess with me while fighting...

EUNIE: I getchu, Sena, love. I lose so much depth perception, I just can't get a good bead on the enemy sometimes.

TAION: Granted, but if we're trying to get close to the Moebius unseen, there's really no other way.

LANZ: For sure. Until Monica gave us these, the Moebius knew every single thing we did almost before we did them.

TAION: The ambushes that awaited us at Colony 4 and Lambda prove it, yes. ...Well, except that we were safe while in the black fog.

EUNIE: Sure, but we can't stay hidden inside the fog forever.

MIO: Right, we never know when an annihilation event might occur... It's too dangerous to risk it.

SENA: Yeahhh, I knowww... I'll keep my eyepatch on...

NOAH: Even the Lost Numbers don't wear theirs 24/7, though, right? I'm sure there'll be times when we're safe to take them off.

Collectopaedia Cards

info from eavesdropping in Colony Iota


SENA: So Alexandria came up with the Collectpaedia Cards, right?

NOAH: She said she got it implemented by a Consul.

SENA: I'm a bit surprised she managed to get approval for something like that...

NOAH: I suppose there are all sorts, even among the Consuls...

NOAH: There are some, like K at Colony 4, who treat the soldiers like tools...

NOAH: ...and others, like at Colony Iota, who allow the commanders to exercise their judgement.

TAION: Still, bottom line is, there would be no Collectopaedia Cards without Alexandria.

NOAH: I just have to wonder how she managed to persuade her Consul to sign off on it...

TAION: That's Alexandria's gift. Makes me scared to think what depths lie behind that smile...

Everblight Plain

info from Colony 9 (i believe)


TAION: Noah, was it your colony that fought Colony Sigma at Everblight Plain?

NOAH: Yeah, it was... You've heard about the battle?

TAION: Everblight Plain, now that's a name that keeps coming up. It seems to be the battlefield of choice for a lot of colonies.

TAION: I imagine it's because the open wasteland there is perfect for large melees that even Ferronises can clash in.

EUNIE: No wonder it's so blasted to ash that not a single blade of grass can grow there.

NOAH: And until we can put an end to the fighting, it'll most likely stay that way, true to its moniker...

MIO: ...I hope one day the war will be over, and it can grow lush and verdant just like Yzana Plains.

Curiosity About Origin

info from eavesdropping in Colony 30


SENA: The Nopon of Colony 30 looked to be really interested in Origin, huh.

TAION: Once you hear that Ferronises are made inside it, it makes sense for their interest to be piqued.

EUNIE: You interested in it too then, Taion? Riku?

TAION: ...It may not be the most prudent, but I do find myself curious, yes.

TAION: I am burning to know how Moebius used Origin to create Aionios as we see it today.

TAION: I imagine it must be similar for Riku.

RIKU: Riku have no interest whatsoever.

TAION: What?

RIKU: If we defeat Moebius, then Origin surely of no consequence.

RIKU: So, there no point in feeling curious.

EUNIE: I see, I see... Riku's got that cold intellect. Makes a person envious, eh, Taion?

TAION: C-could you please stop making it sound like I'm some kind of weirdo...?!

LANZ: Riku's always been a cool dude, ever since we first met.

NOAH: Except when it comes to hunting for gemstones, then he gets excited like nobody's business.

RIKU: Noah didn't have to reveal that!


info from the City


EUNIE: Did you notice how in the City, people called "adults", like Monica, teach those smaller folks things?

MIO: Not "smaller folks", Eunie. The word's "children".

NOAH: I saw adults reading books to children. It was a really peaceful scene, somehow.

LANZ: Yeah... I remember in our old training and lectures, they'd basically beat stuff into us. Nothing so relaxed as this!

TAION: I imagine Monica would say this is how things are meant to be.

MIO: She'd have a point. I can't really imagine those children holding weapons, fighting for their lives...

SENA: Before Monica became an adult, do you think Guernica read to her like that too?

NOAH: I guess... he might have?

LANZ: ...Strange, isn't it? I can't picture it at all.

EUNIE: Yeahhh... Bit outlandish, innit...


info from the City


EUNIE: Apparently the Lost Numbers can use all different kinds of Blades, just like us.

TAION: Monica did say that the City's people were originally of one kind with the Ouroboros.

NOAH: So you'd say that explains the similiarity with us? Yeah, OK, I can see that.

TAION: Even so though, it's not many people that can master fighting with multiple Blade forms, it seems.

EUNIE: If you don't commit, your form's gonna be sloppy and you'll get bad habits... I think I'll always prefer using what I'm good at.

TAION: I like to get at least a basic understanding of all of them. Nothing beats flexibility on the battlefield.

SENA: Me, I'm a power girl through and through!

LANZ: What the spark's a "power girl"...? Ah, never mind, I caught your drift.

MIO: It's important to remember though, even though we have Ouroboros powers, it's still a matter of effort to achieve proficiency.

Favorite Levnises

Valdi is required for this one


VALDI: Hey, everyone... I've got something I've been meaning to ask you all!

LANZ: Is it about Levnises?

TAION: If so, you should probably address it to Riku, not us.

VALDI: Lanz, you are correct! And Taion, ordinarily you would also be correct, but!

VALDI: I wanna know what everyone's favorite Levnises are!

LANZ: You mean, like, do I prefer an Equites or a Velites...?

VALDI: Exactly!

EUNIE: For me, I guess it's a Thorax. Makes it easier to get around.

SENA: I like Balaenas, myself. They just look fun.

VALDI: What about you, Taion?

TAION: ...Gyrinus, I suppose. It's on the cutting edge of technology.

VALDI: Noah? Mio? Favorite Levnis?

NOAH: Hmm... I don't think I've ever looked at Levnises through that particular lens.

MIO: Me neither...

SENA: What's your fave, then, Valdi?

VALDI: Me? Well, obviously, it'd have to be-

EUNIE: Ah, we know yours already. No need to say it.

VALDI: Whuh?! I wanna say it! Let me say it!

Colony Lambda's Excellence


MIO: I heard a lot about the strength of the leadership at Colony Lambda... Care to comment, Taion?

TAION: Of course. Commander Isurd has collected the cream of the crop under his command.

TAION: One of Lambda's biggest achievements was the strategy of constantly shifting formation to befuddle and demoralize the opponents.

SENA: That'd sure take some skills...

TAION: Formations that maintain cohesion while changing form under precise orders...

TAION: They were said to be virtually unmatched when it came to large-scale engagements.

LANZ: ...Sounds like a far cry from Colony 9, huh.

NOAH: To be fair, we mostly worked in small detachments. I don't remember ever seeing maneuvers on that scale.

EUNIE: Wonder how it would've gone if Colony 9 went up against Lambda... I'm guessing it'd have been a bad day out.

LANZ: That's one way to say "massacre"...

TAION: Allow me to run a simulation.

TAION: Colony Lambda is putting up a strong defense...

TAION: Colony 9 tires themselves out on the assault, and is encircled by Colony Lambda forces...

TAION: Once clustered and immobilized, Colony 9 troops are fired upon by Auto-Levs...

TAION: All Colony 9 troops are cut down on the spot...

TAION: Another victory for Commander Isurd.

LANZ: Mate... I think I'm detecting a bit of bias there...