A plush toy of video game character Kirby, a round pink blob, dressed as an artist with a beret and holding a paintbrush. He is smiling with a paint splotch on his cheek.


my xenoblade ao3 account Sylvalum

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hello there!

anyway my name's viivi (he/she), adult, I'm a humanities major and I like xenoblade! plus a lot of other stuff!! not an expert at anything but I'm great at trivial pursuit. if there aren't any updates during, say, fall and spring it's cause uni's kicking my ass

Noctilum is a continent in Xenoblade Chronicles X! it is partly a lush, bioluminiscent jungle, and part mountains with narrow passes and steep cliffs. it is home to many dangerous enemies that lie in wait disguised as plantlife, and also the tyrant of the highest level in the game: Telethia the endbringer, which flies above the divine roost; the highest peaks in Noctilum only reachable by skell.


→xenoblade (+xenogears)
→nier + automata
→persona 5
→legend of zelda

→various anime & manga, but especially:
  • houseki no kuni
  • code geass
  • trigun
  • revue starlight
  • zombieland saga
→comic books

ooh shiny (blinkies)

A gif of Mythra from Xenoblade 2 on green background with many sparkles added. Text says noctilum.

other stuff

here's a bladesona from... 2020?

a white person with dark blonde hair, it's messy and cut to the chin. the person has goat ears and feet. she is wearing brown overalls and a long red coat, with his arms in his pockets. she has a core crystal (blue gem) in his chest with blue lines radiating from it.

Perpetually dirt-smudged hands. Sometimes birds land on her.
Skills: Earth Mastery, Farming Knowledge & Ancient Wisdom.
Art names (based on apple variants): Honeycrisp, Jonagold, glass apple, pink lady, golden delicious, fuji, gala, russet, cider, wild twist.

A plush toy of video game character Kirby, holding a plush heart over his head with both arms. His mouth is open.

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updated: 18 july 2024

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