update log

24 july 2024
-added a little stuff to mythra page. still gotta finish trinity processor section though
18 july 2024
-added 9 more chats plus a few transcriptions too. one of the images for a new chat (curious about training) is too blurry to read though so i've gotta find a replacement somewhere... oh yeah i also decided not to add the chat which is included in Segiri's recruitment quest, because it was voice-acted and shot in a very different way than normal chats. maybe i'll change my mind later though. ALSO there seem to be 2 different chats named "the colony 15 folk" which made me rly confused! but i don't have any other name logged for either of them so. two different chats with the same name it is, apparently. finally, i also sorted them a little - specifically, the Heroes', Eunie's and Riku & Manana's pages are up to date containing all relevant chats i've added to the catalogue, and as for Noah & al uhhh i'll get them eventually
22 june 2024
-added some stamps and that's it
4 june 2024
-some small edits. added something to my about page.
3 june 2024
-hah yeah the comics page looks fine on mobile now too. honestly i'd say it's "finished". oh yeah, i updated several pages - the xc intro pages & index pages - to look better on the phone, too. & the mythra page is no longer squashed on mobile!
1 june 2024
-working on a comics log/library/idk section where i can write what i thought about comics i've read
31 may 2024
-oh hey this site's existed for a year now! neat! anyway i added 10 more xc3 campsite chats & some transcriptions.
22 may 2024
-started working on a mythra shrine. it looks very... squashed on mobile. but i've put like 6 hours into it today so that's enough for now.
7 may 2024
-just threw in some more minecraft screenshots. the fact that i managed to fuck up on the divs even on such a simple page i'm literally pasting in is a clear sign i should go to bed
3 may 2024
-added a description of what noctilum means to the about page. also i made xc2 element blinkies & xcx division stamps and put em in the collection
2 may 2024
-updated xc1, xc2, & xc3 intro pages a bit. started adding credits here properly.
30 april 2024
-started making the game library/review ramble section
29 april 2024
-put up this page and transferred this log here. taking a break now urgh
28 april 2024
-finished the new about me page and uploaded a bunch more stamps bc yay shiny
26 april 2024
-started overhauling index. not majorly but i'm gonna put about me and update log on separate pages
20 april 2024
-i added more minecraft pictures and finally linked the astral chain shrine/intro thing i made in september to index page
3 january 2024
-added two transcriptions
27 september 2023
-added a few more chats & corrected some info i'd gotten wrong previously. in other news, back at college (ough) so updates slower because of that
6 september 2023
-uhhh i just slightly changed the look of the xc intro page pretty much
1 september 2023
-fighting for my life here to add a header text. guh. well, it exists! assets from Xeno series wiki
30 august 2023
-did some minor edits on a few pages & added 1 more dialogue
28 august 2023
-added more chats & transcriptions
19 august 2023
-added more chats, now starting on page 4
10 august 2023
-finally fucking figured out why i couldn't resize things for a mobile screen & fixed it. guh. also added more chats in addition to fixing the menu bars
5 august 2023
-slowly adding & transcribing more chats, have now reached 50 archived
30 july 2023
-added more chats & transcriptions. started adding chats which lead to side quests and the one in colony 11 immediately after getting ashera was fucking massive. 39 pics. that's literally double the length of the previous longest chats
28 july 2023
-added more chats! happy xc3 anniversary! i've made a real dent in my backlog now haha. also made pages for all main characters listing all chats they're in that i've archived. conclusion: mio talks the least
25 july 2023
-added more chats to catalogue
23 july 2023
-expanded archive so that it's now on 2 pages instead of 1 because it started lagging a bit. i'll keep 20 chats per page. i think i wired all the links back to the correct pages too. also added a few more chats & transcriptions (i'd forgotten how much eunie hates aspars lol)
22 july 2023
-after a whole bunch of trial and error i decided that just having separate pages for every place rather than opening a box on the actual album page would be easier, so, now my minecraft photo album is up! i'll add more pictures to it at some point. also changed background of this & xc index so it's not a gif, and made malos less Large. i Will make this page have a mobile-friendly layout. eventually. more stamps also! from here
18 july 2023
-added more chats to xc3 catalogue, also an index so it's easier to jump between different convos. added favicon to site. also added custom cursor (thank u calico for converting the file!)
16 july 2023
-minor clean-up of various pages, also added info to the xcx page
15 july 2023
-added yet more chats to catalogue. i've gotta figure out a way to organize them/categorize them or at least add some index or literally anything to make it easier to find things in there...
14 july 2023
-added more chats to xc3 catalogue, also i'm gonna try hosting the images for that on imgur from now on. also added links to other cool sites with xenoblade stuff!!!
13 july 2023
-created xc3 intro page!! linked the xc1 & 2 intro pages to the actual main xcintro page, also added text on xc2 page and linked back buttons to the correct pages. started writing a content warnings tab on xcintro page too but that def needs work. AND did a bunch of layout work on xc1 & 2 intro pages, changed the layout and tbh it turned out fine? i can live with how it looks like on mobile too
5 july 2023
-minor edits on xc1intro in an attempt to get it to look less bad on mobile, largely unsuccessful. removed sidebar until i have actual things to put on there. also replaced prev background of this page with a homemade gif
3 july 2023
-added 'ooh shiny' tab for stickers and blinkies etc with some from here. also added music player courtesy of this page. aaaand a chatbox (?)
2 july 2023
-created this tab and cleaned up index + xcintro page and added a gif i created with UnFREEz. scrollable boxes are miraculous tbh



w3schools is a lifesaver and my go-to for everything, everything's set out like a beginner's guide too or you can just look up whatever you want and use it as a reference book
mozilla's mdn web docs (is that the name?) is also useful


blinkies cafe has blinkies you can customize yay
xeno assets from the xenoserieswiki mainly
photomosh for putting glitch effects & other cool stuff on pics

music player

is scmplayer

special thanks to

rose and calico
Four plush toys of video game character Kirby, in pink, blue, green and yellow. They are clustered together facing the viewer.


-UPDATE sidebars on all xc3 chat pages
-hey i want a gamelog! or review library. ramble section
-actually link everything so i can create a sidebar on xc pages
-create fr, ttgc, fc info tabs or smth. clean up xc3 & xc2 pages
-ADD FOOTERS to every page jfc i need to remember this
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